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Stela começou a expor profissionalmente a partir de 1990.
Trabalha com diversos materiais. Parte de formas orgânicas, as quais, através de sua ação, vão se conformando em uma outra natureza corpórea.


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Stela Barbieri works with a wide variety of materials, such as latex, glass, pigments, sand, beeswax and clay. She starts on organic forms that, through her work, are transformed into a new body nature.
She has studied drawing and painting with artist Carlos Fajardo. She has participated in study groups on Aesthetics with critic Alberto Tassinari, on Art History with Rodrigo Naves and on Philosophy with Rogério da Costa.
She had her first professional exhibition in 1990. She has been exhibiting her art regularly in different institutions, such as museums and cultural centers, either through her own projects or as an invited artist, in Brazil and abroad.

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